The Art of Fine Woodworking is Still Alive at Blackthorn Creative Woodwork

Over a century ago, upstate New York was buzzing with woodworking mills that turned out cabinet maker vestal, cabinet maker binghamton, custom cabinets vestalbeautiful wood cabinets and furnishings for people near and far. Back in those days, local woodworkers took great pride in their work. Each piece of raw wood was lovingly cut, smoothed and shaped into a practical piece made especially for the home. Most of those old furnishings have long since disappeared into the dustbin of history. The few antique furnishings that have survived into the modern era are highly coveted collectibles.

Most of today’s wood furnishings are factory produced. Some is made in the U.S., but a lot of it is made in foreign lands. There is no longer a uniform standard of quality since the pieces are created on an assembly line. Wood pulp and synthetic materials have largely taken the place of solid wood. The workers have no real knowledge of what real woodworking is all about. They are hired to stand by a machine and make sure it processes each piece uniformly.

While factory produced wood pieces are efficient, there is something missing. What’s missing is that personal craftsmanship. It may take longer to produce a fine piece of cabinetry by hand, but that handmade piece is miles ahead in quality than what comes out of those factories.

The Art of Woodworking Survives

Thank goodness that there are still dedicated woodworking craftsmen that truly value those old traditions of creativity and excellence. Custom woodworking is alive and well in upstate New York. While those old mills have long since faded away Blackthorn Creative Woodwork is a company that prides itself in maintaining the tradition of fine handcrafted woodworking. We are the place people turn to when seeking the very best custom cabinets in Binghamton or Vestal.

The word creative is a part of the official company name for a reason. Every job that we do for a Binghamton Cabinet Makercustomer is considered to be a creative project. Blackthorn Creative is not interested in producing cookie cutter furnishings. We leave that for the big factories. Instead, we produce affordable woodworking cabinetry that is completely customized according to the customer’s wishes. That type of customization is hard to find in today’s furniture world.

Perhaps you thought that customized cabinets were out of your price range. Well, we are happy to inform you that our cabinetry is affordable for most homeowners. We do customized cabinetry that is creatively beautiful without being outrageously expensive. In addition to being affordable, Blackthorn Creative wood pieces are built to last a lifetime. Our cabinets are made with real solid wood. Sure, that’s old-fashioned, but that’s the way we like doing things.

We encourage you to take a look at our online gallery to see the high quality of our woodworking. Our master craftsman has more than 30-years of woodworking experience. If you would like to have customized modern cabinets for the kitchen or bedroom done artfully, contact us today for a no obligation home consultation.

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