Getting a New Bathroom Design Without Breaking the Bank

Planning your new bathroom is one of those home improvement projects that require some cabinet maker in Binghamtonresearch into all the options before making a final decision. One of those decisions is going to be what kind of bathroom cabinets work best with the new design you have in mind. As a reputable cabinet maker in Vestal, we’re well aware that this decision often puts homeowners in a situation of choosing between the practical and what is truly desired.

On the one hand, you want a certain style of cabinets that fit in with the bathroom theme you’re planning. Cabinets are a big visual element of any bathroom, so they must match the wall colors, flooring, sink, bathtub or shower you have in mind. In addition to aesthetics, you need to consider room measurements as well. The last thing you want are cabinets that are too large or too small for the room’s dimensions. Pre-made cabinets that don’t fit need to be adjusted by installers and that is going to add more cost onto your budget.

Instead of going the usual route of trying to get factory made cabinets to fit into your dream cabinet maker in Vestal, cabinet maker in Binghamtonbathroom, go for something more unique by having your bathroom cabinets custom made by our cabinet maker in Vestal. Perhaps you weren’t aware that this is an option available to you, but we want you to know that right here in Vestal there are experienced custom cabinet makers who can design, build and install your new bathroom cabinets for a very affordable cost.

Blackthorn Creative makes the whole process of bathroom cabinet design easy and fun for homeowners. The process starts when you contact our local office and set up an appointment to discuss what type of cabinets you’d like to get. Once we have an idea of the direction you want to go in, we’ll discuss your budget and come up with a design plan created especially for your home.

Creativity is at its finest when we work closely with clients like you on designing bathroom cabinets that are as beautiful as they are practical. We design open shelf and closed door cabinets. We use only the finest hardwoods, furniture stains and paints in the building phase. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, that’s okay. During the consultation we’re happy to give you suggestions based on ideas you have.

In our view, there’s simply no reason to opt for inferior cabinets when you can have us create quality ones for you at a comparable cost. Oh, and Blackthorn Creative cabinets are sturdily built by our Binghamton cabinet maker so they last years and add real value to your home. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced woodworking crafts person. We’re a rare breed and that’s just fine with us. You get to benefit from our years of experience in making custom cabinetry of all kinds.

Contact Blackthorn Creative today to schedule a consultation for handmade custom bathroom cabinets made right here in Broome County.

December 3rd, 2014 by