Why Being Lazy Can Help Your Kitchen

Laziness is not considered a good trait to have, especially in our line of work as a premier custom cabinet maker in Binghamton. But, over the years, we’ve come to appreciate Susan, custom cabinet maker in Binghamtonwho is about as lazy as they come. How lazy is she? Well, let’s just say that she spends her days hanging around the kitchen. She’s always got a hold of plenty of food, but she doesn’t cook. Nope. Susan can’t cook at all – not even boil an egg. But, she sure knows how to draw the attention of people who do know how to whip up a good meal.

You would think that Susan’s perpetual laziness would cause people to be upset with her. But, instead people love having her around. You see Susan has figured out a way to turn being lazy into an asset. Most lazy people are bums, but not Susan. She makes herself useful around the kitchen and earns her keep. In fact, we like what Susan does so much that we often recommend her to our Binghamton neighbors. That’s right. We think you should have a lazy Susan in your kitchen too.

Lazy Susan cabinets are awesome!

If you’re not familiar with lazy Susan cabinets, it’s a style of kitchen cabinet that features two, three or more interior shelves that either spin around or pull out. Lazy Susan cabinets are a great convenience to have in the kitchen, because they allow you to lazily find canned goods, seasonings and other kitchen items quickly. Instead of pulling out cans and bags of food to find one item, you simply spin lazy Susan around until you spot what you need. The pullout drawer style works like other cabinet drawers. The whole idea behind having a lazy Susan is to cut down on time and effort spent finding what you need for meal preparation.

Now you know what we mean when we say Susan’s laziness is an asset. We enjoy making custom cabinet maker in Vestalcustomized lazy Susan cabinets in Vestal, and we can certainly create this style of cabinet for your kitchen. While you’re making plans to remodel your kitchen and install new cabinets, consider how nice it would be to have this added feature. Also, think about how much better your cabinets will be when having them custom built, instead of factory made. We’ve seen some factory made lazy Susans, and frankly, they’re flimsy and unattractive compared to the beautiful customized wood versions we make.

While we’re sure you’ll absolutely love the various options we have available for lazy Susan cabinets, please know that we’re NOT lazy when it comes to building them. We’re experts at creating custom wood cabinets for kitchens and other rooms. We put hours of time and effort into ensuring you get the very best cabinetry for your home. If you like the idea of getting one or more lazy Susan cabinets built and installed in your kitchen, give us a call today.

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November 12th, 2014 by