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Affordable Custom Cabinets in The Southern Tier

Here in the Southern Tier, many of us are looking forward to spending time at home with family and friends.  The holidays are fast approaching and so many of us entertain.  What room gets the most traffic in your home?  Most people find the kitchen to be the focal point of their holiday festivities and rightly so.  It’s a great place to converse and nibble on awesome treats.

southern-tier-mapAt about this time of the year, our thoughts go to brightening up our homes.  Affordable custom cabinets from a cabinet maker in Binghamton can really spice up the atmosphere and provide you with long lasting beauty in your home.

Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

Blackthorn Creative Woodworking employs the highest quality woodworkers in the Southern Tier.  Our reputation for old-world craftsmanship is well know through the area.  Every project we take on becomes our primary focus, which means you are never left in the dark as to the progress from beginning consultation to the end product being delivered.

Custom cabinets can be very affordable and we want to take this opportunity to remind you how easy it is to get the design and feel you desire.  Our craftsmen work with high quality woods, finishes and hardware.  You will never have to worry about our cabinets breaking down or wearing out as you would purchasing mass produced cabinets from a big box store.

Building your cabinets and built-ins is a process we take great pride in.  We know how long and well the custom cabinets will retain their integrity and add value to your home.  This is our mission.  To provide you with the best interior cabinets that your money can buy.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is.  There are options that will suit your needs and not cause you to break the bank in the process.  When you look at the value you will derive from using a cabinet maker in Vestal or Binghamton like Blackthorn Creative Woodworking, you can be assured that what you will have will bring you happiness for many, many years to come.

Avoid Low-Priced Home Improvement Store Materials

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingWe all know by now that the cabinet and kitchen options that look so pretty at the big box store are mass produced.  Not only mass produced, but using inferior materials.  How many pieces have you examined at the local home improvement store that are made from pressed board and cheap materials?  How do the drawers and doors feel to you?  Not very heavy or sturdy are they?

Society today has gone for the throw away and replace mentality.  Prices are low on the cabinets at the home improvement store because they know you will be back to buy replacements in a few years.  When you look at that possibility, you will soon realize that having affordable custom cabinets built for your home are a far better value.

If you are even remotely considering selling your home, today’s buyers are looking for unique and smart custom designs within homes.  The kitchen is always a major selling point and having hand-crafted custom cabinets can quickly increase the value of your home plus appeal to many buyers.

Regardless whether you want to sell your home or enjoy your home for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it make sense to update your kitchen with custom cabinets from Blackthorn Creative Woodworking?  Call us today to set up your free consultation and let’s design the kitchen of your dreams together.

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Why Homeowners in the Southern Tier are Turning to Blackthorn Creative Woodworking

Selecting new cabinets is a process that takes some careful thought and planning, and you don’t want to entrust the task of cabinet creation to just anyone. For homeowners living in the Southern Tier there are lots of choices in the area of cabinetry, but only one choice when it affordable custom cabinets in Binghamtoncomes to quality custom cabinets. Blackthorn Creative has been in the cabinet making business for quite a while, and our customers have come to rely on us to deliver excellent products and services over the years.

There are several reasons why homeowners in this area keep coming back to us for custom cabinets.

Our Creative Process

We have a very fluid creative process when we design cabinets for your home. Creative is part of our name for a reason. We enjoy listening to ideas that our customers come up with, and we too have great design ideas. Once we know what type of cabinets you want to create, we get to work on developing a blueprint design that includes all of the design elements you desire. Once you approve of the final cabinet design concept, we’re off to the races!

Our Dedication to Quality Materials

We only use high quality materials when building cabinets for you. We use real wood that is Binghamton cabinet makergrown by Mother Nature, and we choose the sturdiest wood we can find. Because we use real wood, your cabinets are built the old-fashioned way – from scratch. The cabinet accessories we use are also top-notch and are able to withstand years of constant use.

We Do Real Woodworking

When you order custom cabinets from Blackthorn Creative you are going straight to the manufacturing source. We don’t accept your order and then outsource the work to some out of state factory. We do all the work of building your cabinets right here in the Southern Tier. We’re very proud to be a local company that makes cabinets to order for our neighbors.

Customized Building and Installation

Your cabinet project is in good hands with Blackthorn Creative. We will walk you through all the steps involved, and one of the most important steps is taking accurate measurements. Your customized cabinets are designed to fit perfectly when installed. With our expert team you don’t have to worry about getting the size or shape of doors and shelving correct, because we do that automatically in the design process.  We handle the installation too.

We’re Affordable

We know you’re working with a budget, and part of our job is to ensure that your custom cabinet project stays well within the parameters of that budget. The design, wood, accessories , size and number of cabinets all play a role in your project, and we can recommend affordable options.

Choose the best cabinet maker in Binghamton and Vestal.

Need beautiful custom cabinets for your home? Contact Blackthorn Creative today and tell us how we can build the cabinets of your dreams.

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The Cost of Custom Cabinets Might Be Less Than You Think

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom usually involves the installation of brand new cabinets. Most affordable custom cabinets in Binghamtonhomeowners know that new cabinets require a certain amount of monetary investment, which prompts many to search for the cheapest cabinets available. However, when it comes to finding affordable cabinets in Binghamton affordability is not only found in a sticker price.

In fact, shopping for cabinets in Binghamton based on price alone is a common mistake homeowners make. What usually happens when people opt for the lowest price in furnishings is they receive superficial quality in return. That means that those cheap cabinets that you thought were such a good deal could quickly turn into a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

There are cheap cabinets on the market that are supposed to be made with quality standards, but some homeowners find that a few short years later their bargain cabinets show signs of wear and tear, which happens because of low quality materials. One big problem with cheaper cabinets is that they sometimes warp, making the doors uneven and difficult to open and close. The finish on cheap cabinets has a tendency to chip or scratch off. Also, it’s not uncommon for metal hinges to break. Once these problems appear, you’ll need to spend money on repairs to make them moderately acceptable.

Just imagine being stuck with unsatisfactory cabinets for the next ten to 20 years. That’s certainly not what most homeowners bargain for when installing new cabinets. Another issue is vestal cabinet makerthat manufactured cabinets tend to be made of lower quality materials to save on construction costs. In our view, there is no better material to use for cabinets than hardwood.

Now, at first glance you may assume that having custom wood cabinets made to order is too pricey for your budget. But, another way of looking at it is that custom cabinets are actually cheaper in the long run than cabinets with cheap sticker prices. Simply compare the cost of installing cheap cabinets that maybe last up to five years without any problems, to customized wood cabinets that typically last 20 or more years without any problems.

Looking at new cabinets from that perspective, it’s hard to conclude that saving money upfront is necessarily the most cost-effective choice for homeowners. If you’re researching various options for new cabinets, we urge you to contact Blackthorn Creative. We’re a premier custom cabinet maker in Binghamton with over 20 years of experience in making homeowners happy. Blackthorn Creative uses only the finest wood and accessories when constructing authentic kitchen and bathroom cabinets. One thing is for sure, when you have us make your new cabinets, you won’t have to worry about them falling apart slowly over the coming years.

If you’re concerned about the costs, feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation. We’re always available to chat about your cabinet ideas. And, when you do decide to go ahead with things, we’ll work closely with you to come up with a realistic budget that allows you to get the highest quality cabinetry for your home, without breaking the bank.

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