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Best Woods to Use for Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

You’ve decided it is time to replace your old, worn-out cabinets and are beginning to wonder about what types of wood are best suited for your space.  We here at Blackthorn Creative Woodworking have extensive expertise is working with the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing hardwoods.  With so many options available, we’d like to introduce you to the most engaging hardwoods that you could choose from.

We are the premier cabinet maker in Binghamton.  Our woodworking is both creative, functional and affordable, along with being an excellent investment that will be in your home for a lifetime.  Your choice today will set the tone and ambiance in your home for decades to come.  Affordable cabinets in Binghamton can be achieved even with this luscious hardwoods!

Wood Species Best Suited for Cabinets

A kitchen area is one of the most utilized spaces in your home.  Here is where you, your family and friends spend a lot of time.  When it comes time to update your cabinets, here are some exquisite wood choices to consider.

  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Birch
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry

Oak Wood

Oak is found in two varieties, White and Red.  This is one of the most favored woods to use in cabinet and furniture making.  The hardness of this wood is very good with a score of 4 on the 1-5 scale.  White oak is particularly enjoyed for it’s grain, color and versatility.  Red oak might be easier to find locally at a home store, but the best white oak waits for you at a good lumberyard.

Hickory Wood

cabinet maker in BinghamtonThe hickories are an important group within the Eastern hardwood forests. Botanically they are split into two groups; the true hickories, and the pecan hickories (fruit bearing). The wood is virtually the same for both and is usually sold together. Hickory is the hardest, heaviest and strongest American wood. The sapwood of hickory is white, tinged with inconspicuous fine brown lines while the heartwood is pale to reddish brown. Both are coarse-textured and the grain is fine, usually straight but can be wavy or irregular.

Birch Wood

On a hardness scale, birch lumber ranks at the top with hard-rock maple, and in fact is often mistaken for maple. Birch is reserved for butcher blocks, some tool handles and specialty furniture. It takes carbide-tipped saws to effectively cut birch hardwood, and the process often produces smoke and fine sawdust that hangs in the air.

Maple Wood

Maple has been a favorite of American furniture makers since early Colonial days. This wood is well known in the northern states.  There are two types, Hard and Sugar.  As you know, Sugar Maple is used to produce maple syrup. Hard maple is the standard wood for cutting boards because it imparts no taste to food and holds up well.

Walnut Wood

With a hardness of about 4 on a 1 to 5 scale, walnut is a rich brown wood that’s easy to work with. A very beautiful wood that is not something you would find in local home stores.  A specialty item that you will want to consider in your cabinet choices.  Hardness is particularly important when working with cabinet woods.

Cherry Wood

cabinet maker in BinghamtonCherry is a very popular and all-around great wood; easy to work with, stains and finishes well with just oil, and ages beautifully.  Cherry has a hardness of 2 on a scale of 1 to 5. This is a very common wood for furniture-making and is available from sustainably grown forests. You won’t find cherry at your local home center, so a trip to the lumberyard is necessary if you want to use it. Because it’s in demand, cherry is getting somewhat expensive compared to other domestic hardwoods, such as oak and maple.

Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

Blackthorn Creative Woodworking is here to bring the life to your home you wish to see.  With our ability and knowledge to work with numerous woods, we know that the perfect look will enhance your living space and bring you many, many years of solid, reliable usage.

Personally constructed hardwood cabinets and furniture are our specialty. We know that your investment in quality cabinetry will provide you with unending pleasure in the appeal and function of your chosen woods, design, location and finished product.  Contact us today to take a look at how we can change your current space into one of beauty!


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