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Blackthorn Creative Woodworking for all Your Custom Cabinet Needs in Northern PA and the Southern Tier of New York

Do you have a big home remodeling job coming up in the Southern Tier or Northern Pennsylvania area, and you vestal cabinet makerneed new cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom or both?

Blackthorn Creative is a cabinet maker in Vestal, NY that also makes beautiful custom made cabinets for customers in your area. We consider you to be a friendly neighbor, and we are always ready to spring into action, and be a valuable part of your home remodeling team.

Why Choose Custom Cabinets?
Chances are that when you first conceptualized your home remodeling project, you took one look at those old, out of style cabinets and decided they have to go. Giving a kitchen, or bathroom, an updated look involves making an important decision about what type of new cabinets to install. We understand that the decision isn’t always an easy one, because you have dozens of options available.

Customization is one of those options that you may, or may not, have considered. In our experience, customization is the choice of numerous homeowners in Northern Pennsylvania. A big reason to choose custom wood cabinets is the freedom to have a say in the design and building of your cabinets. Instead of settling for whatever a furniture factory decides to sell you, go for true custom features such as hardwood, stain color, number of drawers and shelving units.

Flexibility of Options
Let’s say that you’ve always wanted to have cabinets that included a lazy Susan, which offers cabinet maker in Vestalyou easy access to stored items. Or, maybe you like a multiple sectioned cutlery drawer you saw in a magazine. Often when you go looking for special features in cabinets sold “as is” you don’t find nice touches like that. The reason is that many furniture manufacturers stick with mass produced cabinets with basic features that a majority of people are satisfied with.

That means that people who want more than just the bare minimum in their cabinets must search for alternative furniture makers.

Become a Co-designer
Blackthorn Creative does things a bit differently than traditional cabinet makers. We make each of our customers a co-designer on their own cabinet project. That’s right. You get to tell us what type of design features you envision for your ideal cabinets. We listen and then create a mockup of your cabinets.

Co-designing with us is a fun process, and usually we banter ideas back and forth until you are completely satisfied with the design concept. Once you give us the green light, we move to the next phase of the project, which is building your cabinets from scratch.

Would you like to find out more about getting custom designed cabinets for your Southern Tier or Northern Pennsylvania home? Contact Blackthorn Creative today for a no obligation design consultation.

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