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Who Needs Custom Woodworking?

Consider the art of woodworking. When you think of a woodworker you probably see an image vestal cabinet makerof a craftsman holding a woodworking tool in his hand and using it to carve intricate patterns into a solid piece of wood. That image is valid, because this is exactly what many woodwork artisans do. Woodwork artisans are admired for their creative skills and often rewarded when their handmade wares are discovered and bought by people who love custom woodwork items.
The Big Picture of Custom Woodworking
As a company that takes woodworking to a whole other level, Blackthorn Creative brings that same sense of artistry to every woodworking project we do. The reality is that woodworking projects are not limited to handmade items sold at craft vendor booths, or boutique shops. There are professional woodworking craftspeople that make beautiful furnishings for apartments and homes of every type. And, while the number of skilled woodwork craftsmen has dwindled over the last century, there are still many around who have honed their skills to the point of near perfection.
Blackthorn Creative is happy to be a part of that old time practice of producing customized wood furnishings.
Do You Need New Wood Cabinets?
Are you wistfully searching for a cabinet maker in Vestal who can create custom cabinets that look the way you imagine?
Do you want to find a cabinet maker in Binghamton capable of building and installing affordable cabinets within a certain time frame?
If so, Blackthorn Creative is an excellent choice for custom woodworking projects in Vestal. The reason we think we’re the right choice is because we place high value on creativity, function and affordable custom cabinets in Binghamtonquality. These are the three most important qualities to look for when contracting a woodworking company for a large project. Price is a factor too, but it’s not the most important one when you consider the costs of inferior products and services.
When you have a big woodworking project you can’t afford to have a woodworking company make mistakes that set your project back. You need a company on board that utilizes the talents of the best woodworkers in the area. You need Blackthorn Creative on your project team.
Who Benefits from Custom Woodworking?
Property owners are major beneficiaries of high quality custom woodworking. Over the years, our company has created from scratch numerous custom woodworking projects for local homes and apartments. Customers enjoy having us on their project team because we listen to customer needs and desires, and then apply our 20 plus years of wood making expertise to the project. We ensure that your wood furnishings turn out exactly as you envisioned – or better.
Customizing is Simple
If you put aside the idea of going the customization route for your woodworking project, we recommend that you reconsider. Working with experienced woodworking professionals is easy as pie, and you’ll find that out as soon as you chat with us about your project. We’re creative, but not snooty or difficult to work with, so feel free to share your ideas for your next woodworking project with us.
Contact Blackthorn Creative today to schedule a free consultation.

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October is the Perfect Time for that Home Improvement Project

When you think about it October is a transition month. It’s squeezed in between September, the final end of summer , and November, the beginning of what is soon to be winter. October is vestal cabinet makersmack dab in the middle of autumn and it’s the perfect time to gear up for a decorative change in your own home.

It’s time that you finally make a move to get rid of those old cabinets that are dragging down your home’s aesthetic value, and install some fresh cabinets from your local custom cabinet maker in Binghamton that give your room some real pizzazz. If you get the ball rolling now, your home can have a whole new look by the holidays.

New Kitchen Cabinets

Take a look at your current kitchen cabinets and imagine what it would be like to have brand spanking new kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are old, dull, worn out or just plain ugly, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Installing modern kitchen cabinets is a proven and easy way to raise the value of your home. Most home buyers and renters appreciate this type of improvement. Plus, you’ll enjoy your revitalized kitchen so much more.

New Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms sometimes get overlooked when it comes to home improvement projects, but this isgallery-banner also one of the main rooms in the home that tend to look dated after 20 years or so. Modern bathroom décor is about maximizing storage space in creative ways. One way to do that is to pull out those space wasting cabinets and install ones that provide you with extra storage room for your personal care products, gadgets, towels and washcloths.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep all of your bathroom items in the same place?

It’s possible, but in order to do it, you need professionals to come in and take exact room measurements. Our experts here at Blackthorn Creative are able to work wonders when it comes to building custom cabinets for bathrooms. You can have all closed door cabinets, or a combination option that includes open shelves. The sky is the limit when it comes to cabinetry ideas.

Interior Bookcase

Sometimes your most urgent need for extra space in the home isn’t in the kitchen or bathroom, but rooms such as the living room or dining room. Basically, you have lots of stuff and a lack of suitable places to put it all. Bookcase shelves are the perfect space-saving solution for furnished rooms.

We can build large or small wall cabinets that fit nicely with your existing room décor. In fact, you can have us create bookcases that enhance a room’s décor, giving it added charm. This is achieved by expert cabinet making skills on par with the best in the country, which we are happy to say we have in spades.


Before  you get going on a home improvement project that includes new cabinets, we’re sure you want to find the most affordable cabinets in Binghamton. That’s easy to do. Simply contact Blackthorn Creative and we’ll chat with you about your project and provide you with an affordable option for custom made cabinets.

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Blackthorn Creative Woodworking Creates Affordable Custom Cabinets for Your Whole Home

After much thought and consideration, you’ve decided to give several rooms in your home a makeover. Every homeowner, at some point, must decide whether or not to keep the home cabinet maker in Vestal, cabinet maker in Binghamtondécor stuck in the past, or jump headfirst into the present with a contemporary look. Now that you’ve made your decision, there are many more decisions to make, such as what type of cabinets to install in each room.

Blackthorn Creative Is a custom cabinet maker in Vestal, and we have more than 20 years of master woodworking experience under our belt. Homeowners in Vestal are able to get custom made, beautifully handcrafted real wood cabinets at very affordable costs compared to other sources. Because our craftspeople live and work in the local area, we’re always available for phone or in person consultations with homeowners seeking something unique.

Look. You’ve got a whole house to remodel and opportunities like this don’t come around often for most homeowners. Just think about all the possibilities. Instead of living with someone else’s design choices, you get to be in the designer driver’s seat and choose every element for remodeled rooms. When it comes to picking out cabinetry beauty and functionality, you can stick with the same ole choices everyone and their mama selects from pre-made furniture.
Or, you can go in a whole different direction and design your own cabinets. What? You’ve never Custom Cabinets in Vestal, Custom Cabinets in Binghamtonheard of such a thing? Well, be assured that not only can you design your new cabinets using our know-how and resources, you can get them made and installed while remaining within your budget.
Blackthorn Creative is a company that is heavily invested in the concept of originality. You can literally come to us with your ideas for how you’d like your cabinets to look and then have us create a 3D model of your concept. For instance, you flip through a magazine and see this great-looking bookcase that includes an entertainment center. You love the design, but you want to make some changes in color, height and shelving that suits your needs better. Now, you need someone to help you fill out the details, select the wood and finish color and take measurements.
Our creative woodworking experts in Vestal are capable of making any style of cabinet you wish, and not only will we make it, we install it too. You can think of us as your one-stop shop for all your custom cabinetry needs.
Moving on to the kitchen, you’ll need a totally different look for this area. Ideally, you want cabinets that are the right height for reaching and storing items, and you want them to blend well with the kitchen appliances, walls and flooring. Cabinets are truly the star of any kitchen, because they dominate so much space. Therefore, during the design process we can realize your ideal storage solution using your existing design plans. Your new cabinets will be just as you dreamed they’d be – awesome.

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