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Remodeling Your Bathroom With Custom Built-Ins

Custom woodworking is most often thought of in terms of the kitchen, or perhaps the living/family room.  But, a well thought out bathroom remodel can be another perfect place to utilize affordable results from a cabinet maker in Binghamton.

Choosing to work with Blackthorn Creative Woodwork is your way toward affordable cabinets in Binghamton.  Whether you are looking to refresh your kitchen, family room, living room or bathroom, custom built-ins and cabinets can make a stunning visual enhancement to your home.  And, a more practical solution to the current situation you have in your home.

Remodeling Your Bathroom

No matter the size of your bathroom space, your cabinet maker in Vestal and Binghamton (Blackthorn Creative Woodwork) can transform the room into a place of remarkable value.  Remodeling projects increase the value of a home and bathrooms, along with kitchens, are two of the most sought after improvements.

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingImagine your dream bathroom.  Look at possibilities in various home improvement magazines and bathroom specific articles.  You will be sure to come up with some amazing ideas that we can help you realize in your own home.

Most bathrooms are short on cabinets and storage.  They are often areas that should, but don’t, provide adequate privacy.  The installation of custom cabinets and built-ins can provide you with far more storage space, privacy and neatness overall.

Although some people will walk through the big box home improvement store and choose their pieces from there, it’s not the best option.  There are affordable cabinets in Binghamton that will make your room into a masterpiece.  You just won’t find that in a huge, mass-produced box store.

Surely, you can get some ideas at the home store, but we have a valuable 3-D visualization tool that will show you exactly how your ideas will fit in the room or bathroom.  You can’t do that at your local home store.

Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen may seem like an extensive undertaking with a very high price tag.  This is where we want you to have an opportunity to see exactly how having custom woodworking and built-ins can be affordable and within your budget.

bathroom custom built insOne of the things you need to consider is the quality of the cabinets you are intending to purchase.  Mass produced cabinets are generally not made of solid hardwoods, but with veneers.  This is to keep the cost down for the general public.  These cabinets may not withstand heavy use nor keep their luster as time goes on.

Custom cabinets are made by master craftsmen who have extensive experience working with hardwoods and crafting the best end product possible.  You even have the opportunity with us here at Blackthorn Creative Woodwork to see each step of the process and are always kept apprised of the status of your cabinets.

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom?  Call is today for a consultation and estimate.  We would love to welcome you to our growing family of happy and satisfied customers.  Your project will be our number one priority from start to finish.

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Custom Cabinets Increase Home Sale Value

Custom cabinets makes sense as a remodeling project, especially if you are planning to sell your home. Blackthorn Creative Woodworking knows the value that custom woodworking can add to a home and highly recommends updating your kitchen space to encourage higher value.

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingYour cabinet maker in Binghamton is well versed in improving and updating your home with custom woodwork and cabinets.  We at Blackthorn Creative Woodworking have seen not only the increase in a home’s value from a total kitchen update, but also how quickly a property will sell.

Today’s home sales market is showing that homes with significant updates and remodels are bringing is better sales prices and spend less time on the market.  New buyers are looking for turn-key homes with ambiance and custom interiors which make the home unique.

Custom Cabinets Make Sense

Of all the interior renovations you could do, the kitchen area is the most sought after remodel by potential home buyers.  This is the room that people spend the most time in.  You cook here, entertain here, people naturally gather in your kitchen area, and you may even have a breakfast bar area to enjoy.

Kitchens are the hub of the home.  Home buyers know this and are looking for homes that provide an excellent experience and ambiance.  Blackthorn Creative Woodworking, a cabinet maker in Binghamton, would be pleased to take time with you to help design a stunning affordable upgrade to your current cabinets.

“If you have a dated kitchen … and a buyer walks into that kitchen, they’re going to think that in order to redo that kitchen, they’re going to have to spend $40,000 or $50,000,” Aaron says.  But the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel – new cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, paint and hardware – was $18,856 nationwide, according to the Cost vs. Value report. Savvy shoppers can do it for less than the buyer assumes.

As a general rule, look to spend about 25 percent of the home’s value for a new kitchen and 12 percent to 15 percent for an updated bathroom, says David Pekel, president and CEO of Pekel Construction in Milwaukee and a master certified remodeler. (http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2014/03/06/which-home-remodeling-projects-are-worth-your-money)

Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

As you can see from the above article section, the cost to update your kitchen is far more affordable than you might think.  And if you are planning to sell your home in the near future, this is an excellent method to obtain the best possible sale price in today’s market.

cabinet maker in BinghamtomHome buyers are keen to see updated bathrooms and kitchens.  As your premier cabinet maker in Vestal, Blackthorn Creative Woodworking can turn your old, out-dated kitchen into one of beauty with our old world craftsmanship and premium hardwoods.

The caveat here though is that with updating your kitchen, you may find it impossible to sell your home because it’s just too beautiful to leave.  Call us today to make an appointment for us to come out to your home and offer you suggestions that could turn that ho-hum kitchen into a place of beauty.  We look forward to working with you.  Our process is detailed and personalized to you and your hopes for new cabinets and space.  See our Gallery!!

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