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Now Is The Time to Schedule Your Wintertime Custom Woodworking Projects

As summertime draws to an end, thoughts turn to house improvement and custom woodworking projects that will add value to our homes.  Summer has been busy with vacations, children have been home, company has been visiting, and you’ve been enjoying the summer.

Fall and winter are excellent times to work on interior projects.  Blackthorn Creative Woodworking provides affordable cabinets in Binghamton and Vestal.  This is the time to book in your project for the cooler months.

Cabinet Maker in Binghamton

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingNow, Blackthorn Creative Woodworking is an extraordinary old-world craftsmanship cabinet maker in Binghamton and Vestal.  Everything is hand crafted and is made to express your unique needs and personality.  Our process is very simple to get started, and we utilize 3-D renderings to help you visualize the end result.

With the cooler months approaching, many people are ready to do some interior makeovers, and the kitchen is a common place to start.  Custom woodworking can provide you with an entirely new kitchen or bring lovely new cabinets, furniture or shelving into special rooms.

Before you know it, the holidays will be approaching and you might like a whole new look for your entertaining season.  What an awesome holiday gift to yourself and your family!!  Renovating any room with custom woodworking will transform a ho-hum look into one that you will be proud to show off this holiday season.

Take a look at our Gallery to see some projects we have delivered to our customers.

Choose Old-World Craftsmanship Over Box Store Cabinets

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen and have been perusing the limited selection at your local home improvement store, perhaps this is the time to talk with us.  There is no cost for an estimate, and you will have full choice in the design and hardwoods that will be used.

cabinet maker in BinghamtonWorking with Blackthorn Creative Woodworking will bring you a deeply personal experience wherein you will be fully involved in the process of creating, building and installing your cabinets and woodwork.

We can offer affordable cabinets in Binghamton for customer woodworking that will surely have you rethinking the box store product.  Our cabinets are built from the ground up with premium hardwoods and expert craftsmanship.  The finished product will last a lifetime and provide you with years and years of pleasure.

Blackthorn Creative Woodworking Welcomes You

We are a close-knit family of wonderful craftsmen who work directly with you to determine what you really want to see in your home.  Our process includes reviewing the room you want to work in, looking at the design possibilities with you, choosing the woods and hardware with you, and then keeping you informed every step of the way as your cabinets are built.  You can even see each step as it is being worked on and completed.

We look forward to working with you on your new custom woodworking project, and welcome any and all questions.  Contact us today for your free estimate and private consultation.

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October is the Perfect Time for that Home Improvement Project

When you think about it October is a transition month. It’s squeezed in between September, the final end of summer , and November, the beginning of what is soon to be winter. October is vestal cabinet makersmack dab in the middle of autumn and it’s the perfect time to gear up for a decorative change in your own home.

It’s time that you finally make a move to get rid of those old cabinets that are dragging down your home’s aesthetic value, and install some fresh cabinets from your local custom cabinet maker in Binghamton that give your room some real pizzazz. If you get the ball rolling now, your home can have a whole new look by the holidays.

New Kitchen Cabinets

Take a look at your current kitchen cabinets and imagine what it would be like to have brand spanking new kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are old, dull, worn out or just plain ugly, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Installing modern kitchen cabinets is a proven and easy way to raise the value of your home. Most home buyers and renters appreciate this type of improvement. Plus, you’ll enjoy your revitalized kitchen so much more.

New Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms sometimes get overlooked when it comes to home improvement projects, but this isgallery-banner also one of the main rooms in the home that tend to look dated after 20 years or so. Modern bathroom décor is about maximizing storage space in creative ways. One way to do that is to pull out those space wasting cabinets and install ones that provide you with extra storage room for your personal care products, gadgets, towels and washcloths.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep all of your bathroom items in the same place?

It’s possible, but in order to do it, you need professionals to come in and take exact room measurements. Our experts here at Blackthorn Creative are able to work wonders when it comes to building custom cabinets for bathrooms. You can have all closed door cabinets, or a combination option that includes open shelves. The sky is the limit when it comes to cabinetry ideas.

Interior Bookcase

Sometimes your most urgent need for extra space in the home isn’t in the kitchen or bathroom, but rooms such as the living room or dining room. Basically, you have lots of stuff and a lack of suitable places to put it all. Bookcase shelves are the perfect space-saving solution for furnished rooms.

We can build large or small wall cabinets that fit nicely with your existing room décor. In fact, you can have us create bookcases that enhance a room’s décor, giving it added charm. This is achieved by expert cabinet making skills on par with the best in the country, which we are happy to say we have in spades.


Before  you get going on a home improvement project that includes new cabinets, we’re sure you want to find the most affordable cabinets in Binghamton. That’s easy to do. Simply contact Blackthorn Creative and we’ll chat with you about your project and provide you with an affordable option for custom made cabinets.

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Custom Woodworking Goes Beyond Cabinets

Many customers contact our woodworking experts here at Blackthorn Creative seeking a reliable cabinet maker in Binghamton. People often find us online after doing a quick search for affordable cabinets in Binghamton. As a company who specializes in making custom designed vestal cabinet makerwood cabinets for homes in the area, we’ve become most associated with the beautiful cabinetry we create for our customers. However, there is so much more to what we do than that. We’re master woodworking artists who can make all sorts of home furnishings that stand out as unique pieces.
Can You Do That for Me?
Sometimes people contact us and ask if we do other types of woodworking projects besides cabinets, and we tell them – Yes! Creative is part of our business name, because we enjoy working on a range of projects. If you have an interesting project that involves wood, and you would like someone with years of professional expertise to create it for you, don’t be shy about telling us about it. Your imagination, plus our creativity and woodworking expertise can certainly make beautiful furniture together.
How About a Table?
We make all sorts of tables from shabby chic dining room tables to ornate heirloom tables that are used for decorative purposes. There’s something special about owning a handmade wood table that shows off the raw beauty of the wood, creating a natural focal point for your living custom woodworking in Vestalroom, or dining room. Heirloom antique style tables require more thought and delicate carving skills, but are well worth the investment, because you can proudly display it in your home as a “one of a kind” original.
…Or a Hutch
Some of the most beautiful hutches ever created are custom pieces that are made to order for a particular home. A custom wood hutch is ideal for displaying fine china or everyday dishes, glassware and mugs and other dining ware. You can also store tablecloths, utensils and gadgets inside bottom storage spaces. A hutch we design and produce for you can be any size, shape or wood color you desire, and we can add light or dark wood stain to match your room décor. Hutches are a great way to add more storage space to your kitchen or dining room – and they custom cabinets in Vestallook fabulous.
…Or a Bookcase
Another type of project we enjoy doing are creating custom bookcases for home owners who desire elaborate wall units. Customization allows you to create decorative storage space that blends seamlessly into your existing room décor. Imagine covering one whole wall with a bookshelf, or a combination bookshelf entertainment center. We can create open shelving or a combination of open shelving with closed door cabinets. We build sturdy bookcases that are meant to last as long as your home does.
Contact Blackthorn Creative today to discuss your ideas for unique and affordable wood furniture pieces. We’ll put our heads together and come up with a design that brings your idea to life.

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