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Blackthorn Creative Woodworking is Your Hometown Custom Woodworking Experts

There is nothing quite like working with a custom woodworking expert for affordable cabinets in Binghamton.  Blackthorn Creative Woodworking brings you the best in quality, affordability, and expertise for all your interior cabinetry needs.

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingAs the premier cabinet maker in Binghamton and Vestal, we want you to experience the personal touch that we can provide you from the initial consultation to the final delivery and installation of your dream cabinets.

But why would you want to design and install handcrafted cabinets rather than the mass produced pieces found in the typical box home supply stores?

It’s a matter of personal choice, of course.  The quality comparison should be taken into consideration. Mass produced cabinets use inferior materials that will not stand the test of time.  Our designs and cabinets all use hardwoods and are crafted with superior care and knowledge.  You will not find a better cabinet maker in Binghamton for all your interior woodworking needs.

Affordable Cabinets in Binghamton

When looking at pricing comparisons, you also need to consider lifespan.  Hardwood cabinets that are hand crafted will last for decades and retain their original patina with proper care.  The lesser quality cabinets are made from veneers and press board in many cases.  They cannot last through long term use just due to their base material.

Blackthorn Creative Woodworking prides itself on making the most beautiful end product through the use of exquisite hardwoods, professional craftsmanship, and old world charm.

Summer is here and you are most likely entertaining guests.  How do you feel about your kitchen ambiance?  This is often the time of year when we look at our homes critically and realize we’d like things to look better.

Blackthorn Creative WoodworkingRedesigning your kitchen, the space where people gather and converse the most, can bring about a total change and feeling to your home.  Whether you want a more modern look, or one with a warm and inviting charm, Blackthorn Creative Woodworking can help you get the exact look you want within your budget.

Your Hometown Custom Woodworking Experts

Cabinet making is a craft handed down over the years to dedicated woodworkers who take great pride in their pieces.  Blackthorn Creative Woodworking has the most experienced and well-trained craftsmen ready to work on your project.

There is nothing more satisfying then watching the process from your original design ideas, to the revisions, choosing the hardwood that suits your home, and then watching the actual building of your cabinets.

Delivery day is like looking forward to Christmas.  The excitement of seeing your dreams become reality and changing your home into an amazing space can be overwhelming with emotion.  The incredible feeling of custom cabinets that warm your space will bring a happiness you cannot imagine.

Blackthorn Creative Woodworking looks forward to speaking with you and taking a look at the space you wish to redesign.  We use 3-D design software to give you a total look at what your thoughts and needs will result in.

Contact us today to arrange your consultation.  Call is at (607) 754-3221 and let’s get started on your dream kitchen.

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