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The Best Wood Stains for Your Wood Grains

After you’ve decided to contact Blackthorn Creative, the best furniture maker in Vestal who makes custom-built home cabinetry, you’ll want to take some time to consider how you want cabinet maker in Binghamtonyour cabinets to look. Once you’ve consulted with us about the general design and size of your cabinets, your next decision is about stain color.

This is an area where homeowners have numerous options. Wood stain quality and colors have really advanced over the past several years. You now have the option of choosing wood stain colors that fit perfectly with any room’s design aesthetics. In our humble opinion, staining your wood cabinets is preferable to painting. Not only does wood stain help protect the life of your cabinets, but it also greatly enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

To some extent, stain color depends on the natural color and natural grain of the wovestal cabinet makerod chosen for your cabinets. During the consultation process we’ll discuss which wood we think is best for your particular cabinets. Each project we work on is unique, thus, we like to spend time talking about all the best options. What’s neat about wood staining is that it should be considered an additional decorative accent that enhances the overall appeal of the room.

Subtle or Bold Colors

Helping you pick out the best shade of wood stain for your custom cabinets in Broome County is a fun part of our job. Hey, we have a lot invested in getting the stain choice right too, because we spend hours laboring over every little detail when building your cabinets. So, when it comes to wood stacabinet maker in vestal and binghamtonin, we’re just as choosy as our customers. Blackthorn Creative uses top quality wood stains that are expertly applied by our cabinetmaking professionals.

As far as color goes, wood stains fall into three categories: light, medium and dark. If you’re like many homeowners, you’re going to fall into one of these camps. Lighter stains are gently subtle. White and silver gray stains are good examples. Medium stains bring warmth to woods such as oak and maple. Dark stains add dramatic flair to a room and makes the cabinets a focal point. When it comes time to choosing a shade, there are plenty of color variations within each category. That means you can truly find a color that matches perfectly with counters, appliances and flooring.

If you want warm and cozy cabinets, choose light to medium browns. If you want a traditional stain color that makes cabinets pop in a room, dark pink and reds are great. And, if you want to go contemporary chic, blue, gray and green provide uniqueness.

Contact Blackthorn Creative today about any questions you have concerning custom cabinets in Vestal. We’re happy to chat with you about wood grains and stain colors that work best for your remodeling project.


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