What’s New in Custom Cabinet Making? 7 Top Trends

While you are on your quest to find the most affordable cabinets in Binghamton take a moment cabinet maker in Binghamton, cabinet maker in Vestalto consider current trends in custom cabinets. Cabinets don’t always have to be boring boxes that are taken for granted. Instead, cabinets can add a lot of vibrant diversity and design intrigue to your kitchen, bath, dining room or any room in your home.

More Storage Options

If you have limited space options, and want to get more bang for your buck out of your new cabinets, go for efficiency cabinets. Efficiency cabinets utilize every nook and cranny of cabinet space, which greatly increases your storage options. Instead of false fronts, which waste space, you can incorporate pullout trays of various sizes, boxes and a lazy Susan. Think about the size and shape of items that are going to be stored, and design storage spaces to accommodate those items.

Customized Drawers

Utility drawers don’t have to be the same old sizes and shapes. Imagine a silverware drawer that has separate compartments for knives, forks, spoons and cutlery. You could have wooden inserts designed to fit small and large drawers. Create a pull-out bin for recycling, or shelving to hold pots and pans.

Glass Doors

Glass has a certain unmistakable elegance, and you can have glass doors on some of your cabinets to show off dishes or a treasured knickknack collection. Glass cabinet doors break up the monotony and attract light.

White Shades

While traditional wood finishes are just fine and dandy, white and off-white cabinet finishes offer an alternative that is simple and modern. White cabinets give the space a clean, functional look that provides a great backdrop for other colors such as black and silver.


There is no rule that says custom cabinets in Binghamton must be a certain length, and custom cabinet maker in Vestaltherefore, you can choose to install cabinets that start at the ceiling and end at the floor. This cabinet design greatly increases your storage options, plus it utilizes the entire wall space. You can incorporate glass doors or shelving to mix up the design.

Built-In Appliances

Enjoy a beautiful cabinet design that hides away most of your high-tech appliances. Create a charmingly cohesive look by tucking appliances such as the refrigerator, oven and food processor behind cabinet doors.

Mimicking Furniture

Create custom cabinets that mimic the design of a china hutch or antique table. Your kitchen, cabinet maker in Binghamtonbath or dining room cabinets can have design touches that match your favorite style of furniture.

Custom cabinets give you many flexible design options for your home. You can incorporate one or more of the above design trends into your unique cabinets. Blackthorn Creative Woodworking in Vestal is here to assist you, and we can design the cabinets of your dreams.

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