Our Process

How it works – from design to install


Call 607-754-3221 or email info@blackthorncreative.com to contact with Blackthorn Representative and set up your first project meeting.


During the initial meeting, we will discuss project details with you, study work plans, or detail measure the project area. Then, together, we will discuss the feasibility and design process of the project.


During the second meeting preliminary 3D Drawings and estimate of the project will be presented and reviewed with you.  At this time we will have a  detailed discussion on all design elements of the project. To help out with this phase of the project we will bring hardware and millwork samples for a quick show and tell. Since the 3D designs of the project are created digitally, design changes are simple. We are happy to do as many design edits and revisions as needed to make your dream project a reality. During this phase it is important for you to be as honest and candid about your expctations as possible. Blackthorn Creative Woodwork will work with you in any way possible to make your project work within your budget. Unlike other contractors, if you would like to become involved in the project we will help you and encourage you to do so. We want you involved!. A close relationship makes it easy to give you exactly what you want. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.


Design, Design, Design! We will keep designing based on your input  until it is perfect. It may take a few visits, but in the end it will be exactly the way you want it. Once you are satisfied with the design plans we will set up another meeting to review a detailed estimate and go over the final design. At this time a copy of a contract will be given to the you for review.


Once you have reviewed the contract, estimate and final design and if all details are to your specifications you will contact us with your desire to move forward with the project. At this time we will set up a meeting to sign the detailed estimate, contract and design drawings. A down payment, and copies of all documents will be exchanged.


Now the fun starts! The beginning of the crafting of your custom cabinets or furniture. Everyday will be dedicated to your project and your project alone. Updates with digital pictures daily, if required, will be given to you all the way through the finish process.


During the projects Finishing stage we will contact you to set up a delivery or install date.


Delivery, or install will begin. Remember if we are doing a major remodel we will not leave your job for another until we are complete!


Sadly, the end. Only after you are completely satisfied, handshakes, hugs, and yes maybe a tear or two, we will leave your abode and you a happy, very satisfied customer!

Getting from "Before" to "After"
View our design process in action below.

Sample Kitchen Design

Before and After